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The Top 5 Characteristics of an eBook Reader

An eBook reader that boasts of both an LCD screen and e-ink display should be one interesting device, right? After all, as the eBook reader market gets more crowded, it’s difficult to stand out and get noticed; and especially when you’re an unknown quantity.

So what’s a company that’s raring to get a share of the pie to do? Simple. Come up with a device that’s definitely worth touting, but one that’s not necessarily loaded with every feature the average consumer could ever want.

If the average consumer even knows what an eBook reader is, that’s a good start. The first step is to clearly and concisely describe exactly what an eBook reader is NOT.

1. It’s definition is a electronic device that stores and plays electronic books, e-books and other electronic documents.

2. An eBook reader is usually LCD or LED screens, with the ability to store and display e-books in 160mm or 320mm sizes.

3. A good eBook reader will also have a good browser built in, as well as please with a good manufacturing quality.

4. Another really important point is that it needs to be a light weight device.

5. Finally, an eBook reader you can bring with you everywhere you go.

There you have it, the top 5 important characteristics of an eBook reader. With some of these qualities combined, you should be able to look forward to picking up an eBook reader that will meet and even exceed your expectations.

And now, let’s proceed to the inks themselves. As mentioned above, stay away from toner cartridges of any brand. The reason for this is simple. Even though every brand names tell you that they use brand name cartridges, it is not actually true.

They do use ink tanks and Converters to refrain the information from leaking out into the real world. Having said that they will tell you how to use them if they are so inclined.

It is possible to get discount cartridges, but you have to beware of the fact that these discount cartridges are usually non refurbished.

They may be refillable, but just not necessarily. If you don’t know a company that provides refillable cartridges, then it could be a good idea to go elsewhere.

Also, not all toner cartridges are created equal. Some companies will use inexpensive cartridges, while others will use more expensive ones.

It is usual for companies to warranty their products for one year. There are some disadvantages to this, firstly you will rarely be offered the option of opting for a warranty.

My general advice is to look for a company that uses actual brand name ink. If you’re going with a cheaper supplier then look for a cheaper supplier of ink.

Do also shop around for deals. It is not uncommon for printer companies to offer deals that include OEM cartridges at up to 80% less. If these are legitimate, then by all means, go for it.

Another thing that you might come across is extra peace of mind. With worry in mind, I wouldn’t say that there is any real need to have your cartridges refilled.

I mean, Obviously it is much better for your responsibility to purchase original cartridges, but not everyone has the time or inclination to do this.

Remember that your printer is an advanced piece of equipment that must be put together properly. Feed in the right information and you will be printing enjoyably.

The moral to this story is that the printer is not the primary focus of your printing. Leveraging other brands of ink can be a very smart move that will not only save you money but will also give you peace of mind.

I recommend skipping the overpriced ink cartridges and buying your ink online. This can be a safe and reliable choice that will save you money and also give you the opportunity to spread the word about the amazing things that you get from the internet.

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