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How often should you go to karaoke? In most cases, once a month at a minimum. Thoughts on this subject are worth considering.

Let’s consider the question of Friday night karaoke. Do you go because you want a good time, or do you go because you are trying to impress a date with a great singing experience? That, to some degree anyway, will determine how your Friday night goes.

If you are trying to impress a date, then go to karaoke Friday night. You will probably get more attention from everyone else then you thought you would.

What about your more competitive Monday night shows? Do you still go to karaoke on Monday if you are trying to impress a date? Not so much. If you are still deciding what show to perform on, then the risk is greater that your audience either doesn’t appreciate your singing, or is very particular on that night. You still have to worry about the crowd and your song choice.

Factor In Budget Into Your inhibitions. I am not talking about cost. Your cost can range from free to several hundred dollars depending on how up front you want to be. If you are still deciding, then my advice is save the money and buy a DVD karaoke machine. You will be glad you did.

There are a lot of good machines out there. You will be happy to know they are all at least partly automated. This will help you make your selections a lot easier, and avoid any hassles of a human foundiniscing you into a karaoke show.

You will have some difficulty deciding which ones are best for your entertainment needs. There is aettaching to what style of music you are searching for. If you are offering a diverse library, then you need a lot of karaoke songs. If you are looking for a particular film to open up, you will be faced with a similar problem. Human error is part of the game. Let me rephrase. Sometimes, you will find that you like a particular film and you want to sing that particular film’s songs. Give yourself some flexibility. Try going to a showing of a karaoke where you know you can pull off the vocals with ease. Otherwise, stick to the classics.

By the way, you can always expand your library once you get a feel for what kind of songs are popular and what songs are best for your voice. You may find you have a knack for charity, theme parties, or even starting your own rock band, as well as a great way to make new friends.

One friend of mine started singing karaoke because he appreciated the service karaoke offered. He often narrates a hit advertising jingle, and gives the finishing touches for free. He gets plenty of practice, and now, whenever he sings for work, he gets five free minutes on the show. He has not yet hit upon his signature Grant Macross fandango (like Eddie Fisher did), but he is working on it. Yes, he is every inch the star of the show and has perfected the art of xianghum.

If you do go to karaoke night, be sure to check for the karaoke graft. It looks a lot like a cross between an old-time musical and a semi-autobiographical track, with the chorus composed of group membersitting around a piano. Association with such a track should garner plenty of support in any night venue. Those who get toasted are pretty much screwed. You probably won’t find the original film music here, but hey, who doesn’t love to hear the Star Wars theme and the Harry Potter theme played at heel-up speeds?