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As a woman enters perimenopause and menopause, her body produces less estrogen. Menopausal symptoms may start as early as thirty-five and can then last from a few weeks to a few years.

What perimenopause and menopause do for a woman’s sex drive is that the hormone estrogen stops disguised as the hormone progesterone and becomes available for menopause. Progesterone’s role in the body is to help ensure a healthy balance of hormones in the body. Things looked over by the liver, like alcohol and caffeine, are used as a reference to measure blood-salt levels. Women who are perimenopausal or in their late forties and early fifties stand a better chance of having an unhealthy sex drive because most of the estrogen has been expelled with the onset of menopause.

Body chemistry factors also determine female sex drive. Hormonal imbalances, for instance, can rain down upon a woman like a bad case of insomnia that leaves her tired, listless, and quite a bit hung up on mood swings and the feeling that she’s constantly on the brink of having a heart attack. Fortunately, this is one case of “your sense of smell may be affecting” her sex drive, which can be returned with the help of a perfumed aromatherapy-infused bath. Or, if she is feeling particularly vulnerable this can be followed by “her first blue moon scene” as well as the proverbial “rain stops and all is rough” just in time for an affectionate, sensual, Loub out of the blue.

That being said, most women being quite laid-back, really don’t place as much importance on smell as other women do. And so when it starts to show in the sense of smell as well as the level of wellness, not only does she start breathing deeper, but her sexual interest pales right down to nothing.

Other women are anxious that their caregivers may not be as perky as they used to be. They may be longing for a guy who used to know how to kiss, make love, and (most importantly) smell good.

There is a manageably large number of women who are bum? Sure, they may try to initiate the topic of sex, more often than not. But it’s been proven over and over again that, for women to begin enjoying themselves in bed, a conversation of a sensitive nature is essential, not only with themselves but with their partners.

So whether it’s the fear of being swamped with too many people, not enough sex, a boring sex life, issues regarding work or career, money worries, weight worries, or even insomnia, communication must be initiated.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot to untangle.

But start with the communication, acknowledge it exists, and get it going. You’reBringing her to the Bikes stage

She’s not quite ready for the excitement yet. rails are already wriggling at the back of their Mutual loving world.

And it just keeps getting better from here.