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Tencent Stock News

Tencent Stock is company was founded by Yi Dan Chen, Hua Teng Ma, Chen Ye Xu, Li Qing Zeng, and Zhi Dong Zhang on November 11, 1998 and it’s headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Tencent is one of the the most influential Internet firm in China and world also, as one can hardly go by a day without using its products. Tencent is the world’s largest video game vendor and owns the world’s top-grossing mobile game- Honor of Kings. Tencent also runs China’s largest social media super app called WeChat. This app is now part of the fabric of life for Chinese people who use it to chat, shop, watch videos, play games, order food and taxis, and more. This app is all in one app, The company’s app WeChat is increasingly the single app for everything for hundreds of millions of users in China. Equally as impressive as its own portfolio, this company is among the world’s largest venture capital and investment corporations also. The firm is now one of the largest shareholders in many leading tech companies like Meituan, JD, DiDi, Snap, PDD, Kuaishou, Epic Games, and more.

Tencent Stock is this company operates through the following segments: Value-Added Services, FinTech and Business Services, Online Advertising, and Others. The Valueadded Services segment involves online and mobile games, community valueadded services, and applications across various Internet and mobile platforms.  wealth management and other services. The Online Advertising segment represents display based and performance-based advertisements. The Other segment consists of trademark licensing, software development services, software sales, and other services.  (tcehy stock)


Now if we look at the company from the stock market perspective.  If we compare its return with S&P 500 index, it has given very good return, S&P 500 index return are around 250% in 10-year whereas techy stock’s return is around 1200 %, we can also see this in below graph.

Tencent Stock News

Total market value of the of company is around $550.2B, now let’s take a look at company’s financial statements.  

"Tencent Stock News


If we look at above chart, company’s revenue (Black candle) is increasing every financial year, also if look at net income (green candle) which is also increasing, net profit margin (Red line) of the company in financial year 2020 was around 33.16% and its better than last financial years which is positive sign for investors.

Tencent Stock News2 – 
Tencent portfolio

Tencent Stock News
Tencent Stock News

Tencent Stock News is in balance sheet chart, assets (Grey Candle) are increasing, and debit to assets ratio is decreasing which is good thing for a company liability has decreased around 8% in last 2 financial years.

Now if we look at the companies’ fundamentals its Price/earning to earning to earning ratio is around 19.26, whereas as S&P 500 P/E ratio is around 25.8, so we can assume that company’s stock is not over priced and its at good buying level, this company is one of the largest companies so there is now risk of liquidity, this stock has good liquidity, also its Earing per share is also around $3 which is good number.

So, by looking at the fundamental and financial statements of the TCEHY stock, we can analyse at that this company has good future growth,

Now comes the main question should be consider TCHEY stock in the portfolio, so if we look at the weekly  chart and do technical analysis it is at support level, and is in accumulation phase, also if look at the  fundamentals, and  financials of the  company then it is good time to consider it in the portfolio

Tencent Stock News