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Seducing a girl is quite easy primarily because you can make her connect with you emotionally and sexually. However, the problem comes when you lack the interpersonal skills to manipulate the environment. This is the reason why you need to step up your game and learn how to deal with women pragmatically.

Yes, the best way to seduce a girl is to make her feel uncomfortable. But how can you do that? In this article, you will discover some of the best ways to reach that goal.

1. Enter the Secret whisper system

You will find it is one of the best ways to improve your dating game. This whisper system does not involve you making secret deals with other people. Instead, you tell the girl things about you and she does not even have the chance to ask you for anything in return.

Here is a good example of using the whisper system; When you are in a group, try to whisper something to the girl but make sure she is not responding to you. In that case, just smile at her and whisper again. The third time, take the privilege of asking her for a dance with you. If she does not volunteer, do not show your temper. You can escalate the whole process by simply telling her that she has to get on her knees.

2. Enter the Secret elevator system

This is a very simple system that allows you to escalate the interactions that you have with girls. Having a good sense of humor is essential. When in an elevator with a group of girls and you are trying to flirt with one of them, wait for an appropriate moment. Do not think of something else. Remember, the moment must come to the shortlist. Once your chosen girl reaches the appropriate age, get into an elevator with her and then tell her in a whisper about advisable actions.

3. Cold reading is the best way to start attraction

Many experts in seduction will not begin the interaction without breaking the ice. You might have observed that even the most gorgeous man in the street can start a conversation with a girl. Well, that is how attraction is realized. It does not necessarily have to be a guy talking instead, skills of interpersonal interaction must be employed. Cold reading is one of these skills. You can learn it well on the internet.

One of the skills that lie in completing the whole encounter is the ability to interact. You do not go out there and interact with every single person you meet. There are some people you would like to stay with and some you do not. However, when you notice somebody is not a good company to stay with, could you not get into a beat about it? At such a time, the fun and excitement in your life would be reduced by half. Nevertheless, the number of those you would like to stick to consistently must increase.

When somebody leaves your company, you may think that it has something to do with you. Aside from doubt, it might be the thought of what the outside world’s expectations of you might be. But the truth is that she might also be thinking of those things.